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Born again; what next?

I had been born again, not due to the prodding or preaching of men, but by the longsuffering, interactive invasion of the Living God into my confused but seeking life.
I had little training outside of my mainline denominational church as to what to do next; but a Christian friend back in high school told me years before that I needed to “get into fellowship”. I’m so thankful she planted that seed in me, because it was about to bear fruit. Here’s what happened next:
Sometime in January, 1975, I was back to Mizzou after Christmas break. But nothing was the same. Over break, as you know, I had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ; my day-to-day life as I knew it was about to undergo a sweeping overhaul as well.
Because my entire perspective on life and living had just been radically altered, I was not quiteshall we sayas celebrated by my party friends upon my return to school as I had been when I left for break.
Alone and feeling dejected after a post-party Friday night accusatory grilling by peers (you see, I had the audacity to drink Sprite and not liquor throughout the party), the next morning I wandered the 3rd floor of my dorm where I knew some Jesus freaks lived, knocking on doors. Finally, a door opened, and who should answer but one of those Jesus freaks!
I announced, “I am a Christian now and none of my friends like me anymore. Will you be my friend?”
She was prepping to take a bus back to her hometown for the night but offered me an invitation that would set the stage for the stability and depth of my faith for the remainder of my life.
“Bible study is Tuesday and Thursday nights. This week it’ll be in Rick’s room up on 6th floor Hatch. Be there.”

I went; I continued to go until I graduated two and a half years later; and I experienced what real community and care among believers was all about.

The foundation I received in those dorm meetings established my faith with biblical, rock solid anchoring; the atmosphere that prevailed of love, acceptance, and celebration of each individual soul in that ever-growing group of youths remains to this day my measuring stick of what true Christian community looks like.

I am forever grateful to God for His marvelous and timely intervention in my life!


© 2017, Dorothy Frick