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For as long as I can remember, I’ve dabbled with writing. Although I procrastinated with papers in high school and college, stressing out over deadlines and delaying the inevitable as long as possible, I still enjoyed writing.

A shelf in my closet is lined with journals dating from seventh or eighth grade; spirals filled with volumes of personal Bible studies and quiet interactions with God pile high in more than one location throughout my home. Scraps of paper with ideas for various nonfiction books and children’s novels are also stuffed in unusual locations here and there, just waiting to be rediscovered.

Therefore, it only stands to reason that I would boldly embrace writing for the purpose of publishing, right? Well, if you are even slightly like me, you know the answer to that question! I liken my journey in writing and publishing to climbing the ladder of the high-diving board at a pool when you are nine years old. You want to spring high in the sky before plunging into the cool blue water beneath you, but as you approach the end of the board, you realize that it’s a long way down! And there you are, covered with goose bumps, standing on the edge of the board, peering into the glistening surface so far below, and with heart pounding and knees knocking…you make everyone else behind you climb down so you can escape the sense of panic rising within you!

Or…with great courage mingled with sheer terror, you close your eyes, hold your nose, and LEAP!  Kersplash! You’ve just jumped into the process!

With writing, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve teetered to the edge of the high dive, terrified of the plunge! Yet I am blessed, for I have not climbed the diving tower alone; the One who has taken the Great Plunge for all of us walks with me along the board, steadying me with His presence and His Word.

As you entreat the Lord concerning the ideas about which you want to write, He will be faithful to lead you as well. At times, you will experience a check or a hold on a topic. When this happens, don’t discard your idea; merely set it aside for now. It’s just not the right timing. At other times, you’ll experience what I call a “knowing” about an idea; when this happens, prayerfully start writing.

With First of All, Pray, I was very clearly directed by the Holy Spirit to write; however, He didn’t tell me the topic! You may experience this as well. If this happens, prayerfully start one of the projects you have filed away in the “To Write” section of your mind and see if the unction from God is present as you begin. He’ll show you soon enough; when He wants you to write, He will give you direction, even if it is as subtle as a “still small voice”.

I would like to introduce you to my editor, Terry Lea, of Marketing Leaf, LLC. Her website is  Terry’s professional expertise has been an invaluable asset for me. In addition to Marketing Leaf, I used Author Support for my cover design and layout.

May God bless and direct you as you put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard!